Advisory Days

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Advisory days are intended to provide guidance to RPS members and non-members who are considering applying for a Distinction. They offer an opportunity for you to view successful submissions and receive personal guidance on the standard of your work and preparation of your panel.

You may attend the Advisory Day as a Spectator or as a Participant. As a Participant, you should take a minimum of 15 prints for the LRPS, 20 prints for the ARPS (preferably mounted), that you consider could form the basis for a panel.  This will enable the advisors to comment on the quality of your work and also offer advice on how the prints may work together as a coherent panel.  All advice on the day is given by experienced Distinctions panel members.

Fellowship Advisory days are a great opportunity to discuss a potential submission with one of our most experienced representatives. Fellowship Advisory days are run with a small group of applicants with no audience or observers. Like to attend an advisory day? Then contact Andy Moore with a location and time of year that suits you. 

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*Dates and categories could change due to availability of panel members.





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