The Society has a number of standing committees which advise Council on various matters. The Society's general structure is shown here. The membership of the standing committees is shown below. Subcommittees where extant are indicated. 


Janine Freeston ARPS (SIGs)
Rod Fry ARPS (SIGs)

Cheryl Newman FRPS (Awards)
Ray Spence FRPS (Distinctions)
tbc (Education)
Derek Trendell ARPS (Finance)
tbc (Overseas)
Mary Crowther ARPS (Regions)
Bruce Broughton-Tompkins LRPS (Regions)
Mark Richardson ASIS FRPS (Science)
Roy Thomas (PAGB)
Nicola Young (Volunteer Support Manager)

Cheryl Newman (Chair)

Robert Albright HonFRPS (President)
Del Barrett ARPS (Vice President)
Derek Trendell ARPS (Treasurer)
Michael Pritchard FRPS (Chief Executive)
Mark Richardson ASIS FRPS (Science, chair)
Ray Spence, FRPS (Distinctions, chair)
tbc (Education Chair) 

Philippe Garner HonFRPS
Anne Braybon
Shoair Mavlian
Hannah Watson
Brandei Estes
Emma Bowkett
Lucy Soutter
Fiona Roberts

Ray Spence FRPS (Chair)

Roy Robertson HonFRPS
Sue Brown FRPS
Simon Leach FRPS
Ravi Deepres FRPS
Peter Hayes FRPS
Douglas May FRPS
Andy Golding ASICI FRPS
Andrea Liggins ASICI FRPS

The members of the 
Fellowship Committee and Distinction Panels, 
Imaging Science and Creative Industry Boards 
can be seen here

Anne Williams (Chair)

Members to be confirmed 

Derek Trendell ARPS (Chair, Treasurer)
Robert Albright HonFRPS (President)
Del Barrett ARPS (Vice President 
Alan Hodgson (Trustee)
Michael Pritchard FRPS (Director of Education and Public Affairs)
Nikki McCoy (Finance Manager)

The Investment subcommittee is chaired 
by the Treasurer


Prof Mark Richardson ASIS FRPS (Chair)

Dr Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS
Gary Evans ASIS FRPS
Prof Francis Ring ASIS FRPS
Dr Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS
Bob Tapper ASIS FRPS
Dr Sophie Triantaphillidou ASIS FRPS
Prof Caroline Wilkinson

A representative from each Society special interest group


Janine Freeston ARPS (Historical)
Rod Fry ARPS (Contemporary)

David Healey ARPS (Analogue)

Gwilym Owen ARPS (Archaeology & Heritage)
Howard Bagshaw ARPS (Audio Visual)
Steve Varman LRPS (Creative Eye)
Chas Hockin LRPS (Digital Imaging)

Mark Phillips ARPS (Documentary)
Gary Evans ASIS FRPS (Imaging Science)
Richard Ellis LRPS (Landscape)
Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS (Medical)
David O'Neill LRPS (Nature)
Liz Rhodes (Travel)
Andreas Klatt ARPS (Visual Art)
Thérèse Barry (Women in Photography)

A representative from each Society Region


Bruce Broughton-Tompkins LRPS (South East)

Mary Crowther ARPS (Yorkshire)



Mike Sharples ARPS (Central)

Mark Stimpson LRPS (East Anglia)

Stewart Wall ARPS (East Midlands)

Michael O’Sullivan FRPS (Eire)

Judy Hicks LRPS (London)

Rolf Kraehenbuehl (North Wales)

Brian Smethurst ARPS (North West)

Carol Palmer ARPS (Northern)

Richard Corbett (Northern Ireland)

James Frost FRPS (Scotland)

David Paskin (South Wales)

Tim Sanders LRPS (South West)

Paul Cox ARPS (Southern)

Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS (Thames Valley)

David Norfolk ARPS (Western)