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I'm an RPS member and have a member login to the main RPS website (www.rps.org), why isn't this login working on the above competition websites?
You need to register on each individual competition website you would like to enter.  These websites are not linked to www.rps.org so will not recognise your login details for www.rps.org.




How do I apply?
and read the appropriate level's Guidelines and Application form, from the website. Read the requirements and criteria for the level and category you wish to apply for. Check the assessment date availability, complete and send the application to the Distinctions department. (Fenton House address). On receipt you will receive confirmation.


Do I pay more for membership when I'm a ARPS or FRPS?
No, your membership does not change.


Can I bring spare images to the assessment?
Please do not bring any other images to an assessment, all you need is; 10 for LRPS, 15 for ARPS and 20 or 21 for FRPS.


Can I use my ARPS images for my FRPS submission?
No your FRPS submission needs to be a different body of work.


Do I have to wait two years before I apply for an another level of Distinction after I've been successful?
There is no time period set. Although it’s generally suggested to wait and not rush into it.


Can I submit more than one portfolio?
Only one submission per assessment. You can submit to other categories.


Can I use the Distinction emblems on my website?
You can use the emblems on your personal website but not a business one.


If I gained my ARPS in Applied, do I have to submit to the same category for my FRPS submission.
No, You can change categories.


Can I mix monochrome and colour images within my proposed panel.
Yes you can, this is more appropriate for LRPS due to the nature of the question.


Where can I get advice?
Advice is available; Advisory days, Online advice (members only). You can also attend an assessment as an observer. For guidance you can contact the Distinctions Department. We recommended to speak to current Panel members only.


I need a mentor?
The RPS doesn’t officially provide a mentoring service, we can guide you and give advice and guidance throughout your application.


What size prints should I submit?
This is down to the individual and is relative to the work produced. We suggest that an A4 print is more than adequate for assessing.


I'm not sure what category I should apply for?
We can help, contact us? Or view the successful distinctions portfolios on the website and see which you feel comfortable applying for and which your work fits in. Within the guidelines download are category descriptions.


What is a hanging Plan?
A hanging plan is a visual reference to your presentation and prints (Prints only). They are thumbnails of the images in the order that the applicant wishes to present their portfolio. Used for reference by the Chairman and Distinctions Staff.




I am trying to book onto an event and there is no Book Online button, what do I do?
First check the information that is written about the event, as the organisers may require you to send a cheque or pay on the door instead of booking online.  If it seems that there should be a button and isn't please try again a little later as these buttons can disappear for a few minutes a couple of times a day while the website is syncing with our database.




I don't seem to be appearing in the 'Member Search', what do I do?
In order to appear in the Member Search you will need to change your ‘profile privacy’ settings which can be found on the ‘My Portfolio’ tab within My RPS once you are logged in.


I can't find someone in the 'Member Search' who I know to be a member - why is this?
They may not be registered on the website or may have chosen to keep their profile set to Private.


Why don't you do a reduced membership rate for people who are happy to just receive the Journal electronically, or not receive it at all?
The Society’s trustees have considered making the RPS Journal available in a digital form only, in return for a reduced subscription, on a number of occasions in recent years. Unlike the PSA or APS the Society’s Journal is produced on its behalf by a commercial publisher and much of the cost of the Journal is on the editorial production rather than the printing. As this is a fixed cost the impact on overseas subscriptions would be modest. Furthermore, our most recent member survey showed that the majority of members still wanted either the printed Journal or both the printed and digital versions. At some point this will shift and a majority of members will opt for a digital only Journal which will change the economics of production. The Society will continue to monitor the situation but in the short term we will not be offering a reduced subscription for a digital only Journal.


I would like to join the Society, paying by monthly direct debit. How do I go about this?
A download of the application form with direct debit payment option can be found on our website by clicking this link: Direct Debit Application Form.  You will need a UK bank account and the form needs to be printed, completed and posted back to the address shown.


Where do I renew?
When your account is due for renewal, login to the website and go to the My Account tab in My RPS, you should see link to renew there.


How can I create an album?
RPS Members can create albums via the My Portfolio tab in My RPS.  Please make sure you set your album to Member Only or Public if you would like others to view it.


Where can I find the RPS Crest and recent back issues of The Journal?
When you are logged into the website go to My RPS and click on Member Only tabs - you will find the Crest and terms of its use and a link to back issues within this folder.


How do I join a Special Interest Group?
Instructions for joining a Group can be found on the right of the main Groups page.


How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your RPS subscription at any time. Please email: membership@rps.org or telephone: +44 (0)1225 325733 (Select Option 1) If you’re cancelling by email, please include a cancellation reason and remember you can re-join at any time.




If you are experiencing problems on our website there are a number of things you can try to remedy this:

1) To speed up the loading time of pages your browser can 'remember' how a website looked last time you visited.  However, if there have been technical changes to the site this can bring up errors.  To prevent this please take the following action:

  • Refresh the site by clearing your cache (press 'F5' on a PC which is often on the top row of keys on your keyboard or for advice on clearing the cache on particular Apple devices click here).  
  • Clear your browsing history and delete cookies.  Some browsers can be told to automatically delete your browsing history each time you close the browser, setting this up should speed up your general web experience.

2) Try opening the site in an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

3) Re-start your PC.

4) Run your antivirus software.

If you are having problems logging in, please check that your browser isn't autofilling in the wrong email address and password into the email and password boxes.


Still having problems?

If you have taken all the above measures and are still having problems with the website, please contact us on webadmin@rps.org, including as much information as you can about the issue you are experiencing.


For general enquiries please contact The RPS on the following email address: reception@rps.org