About Us

The RPS Women in Photography group supports and promotes the work of women in photography worldwide.

Although there are many incredible women working in all sectors of photography, they often lack the level of recognition granted to their male counterparts. With our focus on education, we aim to create a greater awareness of the importance of female photographers past, present and future.

The RPS Women in Photography group will engage and inform through lectures, symposiums, panel discussions and portfolio reviews. It runs a blog with news and features specific to women in photography, in addition to curating exhibitions, and granting awards.

Through our social media platforms, we aim to create a valuable international network that together can work to change the future for women in photography.

The Honorary Chair of the Women in Photography group is Karen Knorr FRPS, internationally renowned photographer and professor of photography at the University for the Creative Arts, home to the research project Fast Forward: Women in Photography. 

On the launch of the group, Karen said:

“I feel 2018 is a good year to launch the Woman in Photography group within the RPS.  Echoing the objectives of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, it is time to break down barriers of exclusivity and to reach out to different communities, including BAME and LGBT+, and to women’s movements in the arts world.   I’m looking forward to heading up this new group and helping the RPS add its voice to the global discussion on equality. 

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert wanted the society to be equally open to men and women – let us now strive for a more diversified and inclusive membership.  Women in Photography does not mean women only - let us reach out and break down the barriers that hold all of us back.  Help us change photography to change the world.”